Managing the Emotional Side of Your Divorce

The divorce process is a highly stressful and vulnerable time for many individuals. Coping with the emotional implications of a divorce can be confusing and frustrating. You may feel the best way to move on after a divorce is to hide your emotions under the rug and simply “move on.” However, neglecting the emotional side of divorce may create a more prolonged, costly and drawn out divorce process.

By paying attention to the emotional aspects of your divorce, you will be taking steps toward achieving a more efficient and cost effective divorce. The following are tips on how to manage the emotional side of your divorce:

1) Resolve the divorce issues with dignity. (Try not to  say anything negative about your spouse).
2) Keep your divorce issues private.
3) Maintain a respectful relationship with your ex-spouse.
4) Maintain a good relationship with your mutual friends.
5) Settle the divorce in a way that is consistent with your religious or spiritual values.
6)Take care of your personal needs, including sleep, exercise and a healthy diet.
7) Address your fears and concerns with your lawyer.
8) Define the future you want after your divorce.

Regardless of what your goals and interests may be throughout the divorce process, it is important to recognize what you want and need as an individual. Although the divorce process may not be easy, consider your goals and interests to make the process easier. By being thoughtful about the decisions  you make and the way you behave during your divorce, you can move forward successfully after your divorce.

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