Your children are precious.  How you and your spouse handle your interaction with each other as you bring your marriage to an end could have a long lasting impact on your children.  Your separation may be the first time your children face a major change in their life and possibly the first time they have observed conflict in their family.  Children learn behaviors from their parents.  Your children’s understanding about how to handle conflict and relationships may begin with your divorce.

Talking to your children about divorce

It is important to remember there is never a perfect time to tell your children about the ending of your marriage.  One of the last joint events you and your spouse may do together is telling your children their parents are divorcing.  If possible, this joint effort should be planned.  Remember this is for your children, and therefore, you and your spouse should use your best efforts to plan how you tell your children about your separation or divorce.  This is to minimize the conflict and to neutralize the news about the ending of their parents’ marriage.

Your children will likely have many questions about their future.  It is important for you and your spouse to anticipate these questions.  There are times when the perfect plan on protecting your children does not succeed.  If this occurs, it is important for you to be able to discuss your concerns with your experienced attorney.  Remember, your children need you.

Developing a Parenting Plan Tailored for your Children

Ruth will work with you throughout your divorce proceeding to develop a parenting plan that addresses the legal and physical custody of your children.  The plan that we will pursue will be tailored for your children’s individual needs, including your children’s future financial support.

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