Collaborative Law

Minimizing the Emotional and Financial Cost of Divorce

Collaborative Law is a client-centered approach for divorcing couples who want to minimize the emotional and financial cost of divorce.

Collaborative Law, also known as Collaborative divorce, is a process to settle your divorce out-of- court with the guidance and advice of your own lawyer. The objective is to create an agreement that meets the needs of all family members and avoids the emotional and financial costs of traditional litigation.

Helping  Protect What is Important to You

The Collaborative Law Process offers the following advantages over the traditional litigation process:

  • Keeps the interest of your children at the forefront of your settlement agreement;
  • Helps you maintain control of the process for ending your marriage;
  • Facilitates the foundation for future communications that will be necessary between you and your children’s other parent;
  • Utilizes a problem solving approach based on your interests/needs and concerns versus you or your spouse’s position on issues; and/or
  • Prepares you and your children for your future new life.

How the Kentucky Collaborative Law Process works

The Collaborative Law Process begins with you, your spouse, and your collaboratively trained lawyers signing a Collaborative Participation Agreement that all issues will be resolved outside of the courtroom.  The Participation Agreement is signed at the beginning of the Collaborative Law Process.  The Participation Agreement has been approved by The Academy of Northern Kentucky Collaborative Professionals (

The signing of this Agreement gives you and your spouse the power to decide the:

  • timeline or pace of the process;
  • issues to address;
  • order that we address the issues;
  • options that we will consider for resolving each issue;
  • outside resources we will use to resolve an issue (these resources may include a financial planning specialist and/or a family specialist); and,
  • agreements reached after considering all issues and all options.

We will begin the Process by immediately scheduling group/team meetings.  Prior to each meeting, there is a discussion on what topics will be addressed at the next meeting.  An agenda is then distributed so everyone is aware of and has knowledge of what will be discussed at the next group/team meeting.  The number of meetings varies in each case.  The purpose for the facilitated meetings is for you and your spouse to reach a global resolution on all issues.  The final meeting is the signing of the settlement agreement that will be used to finalize your dissolution case.

The client is at the center of the Collaborative Law process.  This means that you are an integral part of the process and every decision that is made.  The result is a resolution that fits you and your children’s current and future needs.

Contact  Kentucky Collaborative Lawyer Ruth Jackson

Whether you are considering divorce, thinking about how divorce will impact you and your family or seeking information on Kentucky divorce laws, contact Northern Kentucky Family Lawyer Ruth Jackson.  Ruth has over 10 years of experience in Collaborative Law and has been helping family law and divorce clients for 20 years.  For more information on divorce options, including Collaborative Law, please contact Ruth Jackson at (859) 291-8055 to schedule a consultation or contact us online.

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