Property Division

Experienced Step by Step Guidence

Marital property issues can be complex.  Jackson Family Law is experienced in handling marital estates that often involve a closely held business or family business, stock options, antiques, complex tax issues, rental properties, and retirement benefits, to name a few.  Identifying marital assets, marital debts, and any non-marital assets and/or debts at the beginning of the divorce is crucial.  It can come from your own direct knowledge, or from information obtained from your spouse or a third party.  Ruth Jackson will pursue all resources to identify every asset.

Once the martial assets are known, the next step is valuation.  This is necessary to protect your interests and ensure that you receive an equitable result with the division of the marital property.  Following valuation, Ruth Jackson will proceed with negotiations or collaboration to develop options for dividing the marital assets that meet your goals.  If your case is going to trial, Ruth will present this information to the family court to obtain the best possible outcome.

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