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children and finances.

Children and finances are top concerns, which can be a source of anxiety and even fear. A customized settlement takes into consideration every detail, to provide for needs now and in the future.


collaborative law and mediation.

In addition to litigation, Ruth Jackson is a leading practitioner of collaborative law and divorce mediation. These options enable couples to reach settlement in a mutually respectful way, outside the courtroom.



Your divorce is unique, but you’re not going through it alone. Ruth Jackson works alongside her clients, building up their confidence in making life-critical decisions.

Customized solutions for the personal concerns of family law.

Divorce is a highly personal event in an individual’s life. Your children, your finances, your future are now at stake. Jackson Family Law understands that divorce is not a “one size fits all” process and will develop a solution tailored to your unique situation. Many individuals in Northern Kentucky rely on the customized approach of Jackson Family Law. We strive to ensure that you make well-informed decisions that are the right fit for you.

Jackson Family Law

Ruth Jackson has been resolving her client's divorce and family law cases for more than 20 years.

Her services include:

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