How to Find and Decide Upon a Divorce Attorney

The first decision to make when faced with a family law issue, such as separation, divorce, child custody or financial support, is choosing an attorney.  It is important to choose an experienced, knowledgeable attorney and an attorney who is responsive to your concerns, questions, interests and needs.  There are a lot of attorneys to choose from that have represented clients in family law situations.  However, this is your life situation and it is important that you have confidence in the attorney that will be guiding you and advising you through this difficult, emotional time.  Choosing an attorney should not be taken lightly.  Your attorney will need to counsel you, guide you, advise you on the law and how the law applies to your situation, and advise you of options available to you.  A referral from trusted friends, trusted colleagues, trusted professionals, or trusted family members is helpful to finding your attorney.  Keep in mind that experience does matter.

If you are not able to obtain a personal referral, you should consider researching for attorneys in your geographical area.  You may recognize a name or the attorney’s website may describe the attorney’s approach that is consistent with your beliefs.  Family law is not about the fight and it is not about the battle; it is about your attorney working hard for a resolution that is consistent with your concerns, interests, and needs.  It is about recognizing that, if you have children, your children do not need to be emotionally impacted by the situation.

If you are uncertain about the attorney to choose, it is appropriate for you to meet with more than one attorney to ensure that your attorney is a good match.  Family law attorneys will schedule consultations.  The consultation is an important meeting.  You should learn during this consultation if the attorney takes time to listen to you, to explain the law to you, to answer your questions, and discusses your options.  If not, this attorney is not the attorney that you should hire.  This is your time and it is your life situation.  You should leave the consultation with a high comfort level with the attorney.  If you do not, you should meet with another attorney.  Although there are consultation fees that are typically involved, it is worth the expense to find your match.  A consultation fee is less costly than the lasting impact that can occur if the wrong attorney is chosen.

Take time to make the right choice!

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