A decision you should be comfortable with: your lawyer.

The ending of a marriage is one of the most difficult times that you will experience.  It is not unusual to feel alone, uncertain, and afraid.  But you should feel comfortable with at least one thing: your choice of your lawyer.  You will be sharing highly personal, confidential details about your life and you will be making critical decisions during the divorce process.  It is important that you find a lawyer whom you trust.

Ruth Jackson is a “hands-on” lawyer who builds partnerships with her clients.  She makes sure that clients have the information they need to make sound decisions about their future.  By working together with Ruth, clients gain confidence and feel less anxious and fearful.

Kentucky Divorce

Kentucky is a no-fault state.  This means that you do not have to tell a family court judge why your marriage is ending.  The only legal process for terminating a marriage in Kentucky is called a dissolution proceeding, and it will be important for you to understand how the laws apply to your situation.

If you and your spouse have minor children, there are four categories that will need to be addressed and resolved in the ending of your marriage:

If your case does not involve minor children, the two categories that will need to be addressed and resolved are property division and spousal support.

Often times these issues will be resolved by the parties themselves with their lawyers, and not by a family court judge.  In fact, most cases do settle without the need for a trial, and your dissolution proceeding may fall within this majority.  When you begin working with your lawyer, it should be determined whether your case can be resolved without going to court, or whether it will need to go to court

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Regardless of how your divorce progresses, Ruth Jackson can manage it to completion with expertise and skill. She has been trained in negotiations and alternative dispute options, and has been involved in resolving cases through the Collaborative Law process for many years.  If your case does require a family court judge to make the decisions, Ruth Jackson offers the experience to protect your interests in the courtroom.

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