Domestic Partnerships

Kentucky Domestic Partnership: Planning for the Future

In today’s society, there are many different types of relationships.  The relationship you have with your significant other or your life partner may require a cohabitation agreement, a domestic partnership agreement, or, if you and your life partner have decided that one of you will be a biological parent and bring a child into the relationship, you may require a co-parenting agreement.

The law does not always keep up with society’s changing relationships.  It is important for you and your partner to establish a contractual agreement before:

  • Cohabitating with each other;
  • Entering into a domestic partnership; and/or
  • Choosing to raise a child between the two of you.

A domestic partnership agreement can help eliminate unnecessary conflict if your relationship comes to an end.  This agreement can also provide a sense of security to your partner in raising a non-biological child as his/her own child or provide a sense of security for your partner in raising his/her biological child with you as the non-biological parent.


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