A Respectful Approach

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution that people often choose as a divorce process.  It involves the use of a neutral third party to facilitate settlement discussions and resolution.  Mediation can be arranged in the following ways, according to the parties’ preferences:

  • Mediation with the spouses and the mediator;
  • Mediation with the spouses, the spouses’ attorneys, and the mediator;
  • Mediation with the spouses, the mediator, and with the spouses’ attorneys acting as advisors outside of the mediation process.

When an agreement is reached in mediation the attorneys will draft the final mediated settlement agreement, which is then presented to the court.

Northern Kentucky Divorce Mediation

In Northern Kentucky, our family court rules require (unless an exception applies) that all divorce cases scheduled to be heard and decided by the family court judge attend mediation prior to the final trial.  The judges hope that the parties will resolve all issues or resolve some of the issues, so as to minimize what the judge must decide.

Couples may also employ mediation to negotiate temporary issues while the divorce case is pending.  This may be done in order to ensure that rights are protected as individuals go through the divorce process.  If mediation is utilized to resolve temporary issues, that mediated agreement will be drafted and presented to the judge for review and signature.

In the mediation process it is important for the client to be aware of his/her rights and options, which include seeking an attorney who is knowledgeable and supports this process.  Some clients may want to consult with an attorney prior to the mediation process and/or during the process, and some clients may want his/her attorney to attend the mediations with them.

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Northern Kentucky mediation divorce lawyer, Ruth Jackson has been involved in many mediation cases over the years and supports the value of this process in helping the client reach a resolution out of court.  As with any process, the objective is to obtain the best result for the client’s future.  For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact Ruth Jackson at (859) 291-8055 or contact us online

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